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In some case, one such treatment is all tliat is necessary to prevent the sweats for many weeks. In others it happens that after two, three or four weeks a second procedure is called for. It is only in the most stubborn cases that a second or a third treatment within a week may be necessary. As for the power of the skin to withstand the formalin when applied over a course of some little time, Hirschfeld says that he met only occasionally with disagreeable re- sults. Once, an urticaria; twice, slight erosions, and at times a scaling of the epidermis were the chief effects. He now paints the back, chest and abdomen in one sitting, leaving the arms and legs for another. It is to be observed that the forma- lin is not to be applied to parts which may have wounds or erosions ; nor to parts which have re- cently been covered with mustard plasters or painted with iodine ; nor to the nipples and navel, the genitals and the arms, A slight burning sen- sation follows the application of formalin, espe- cially in delicate skins. Such cases should be treated with a weaker solution of formalin than ordinary ones. Under no condition should the formalin he entrusted to the patient's care or use. Grave results can be occasioned thereby. The final words to be said for formalin are: (i) It is superior to all other anthidrotics in its certainty of action and its promptness; (2) in the length of time over which it produces its effect; (3) all other remedies are superfluous. There is no doubt in Hirschfeld's mind that formalin has gained a high point in phthisiotherapy. EDITORIALS. The Medical News. A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. 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